Cast of Characters

The Restless Mama: generally responsible for laundry, dishes, cooking, shopping, and chocolate consumption. Also general orderliness around the house, some culture, and getting hubby to shut up.

Hubby: generally responsible for causing the things that I’m responsible for. But he irons the clothes and takes out the garbage, so we’ll call it even. Also primary breadwinner, whiskey drinker, and Sims aficionado. He likes to talk a lot.

Nooshkin: our incredibly energetic, curious, sensitive, four-year-old daughter, whose hobbies include drawing, dancing, and eating copious amounts of cornflakes. Generally responsible for waking us up too gosh-darn early, and repeating everything she hears.

Various family members, including grandparents, aunts, and uncles. Some live overseas are viewable primarily by Skype, and therefore live in the computer. The ones that live here are nuts. Specifically, we have:

Dodax the Unclenator: one of my brothers. This name was bestowed upon him by himself (see, I told you they were nuts). Primarily responsible for flipping the nooshkin over his head, much to her delight and my ever-increasing blood pressure, and making some of the chocolate that we consume.

LAK: my sister. This name was bestowed upon her by one of her friends (who may as well be family, because she’s just as crazy as the rest of us). Primarily responsible for the level of holiness in all our lives (she is the most religious of all of us), as well as dry, Brittish-type wit.

Other Brother: my other brother. He doesn’t have a funny name, because he likes to pretend to be more square than he actually is. Primarily responsible for providing other offspring with his just-as-square wife, and occasionally reminding us that they exist.

The Outlaws: LAK’s intended means we now have the complete set! This name was bestowed upon them collectively by Bestamama in a fit of inspirational exhaustion.

Stinky Face: my sister-in-law. This name was bestowed upon her by happenstance, because she has the same name as my mom, and “oh, the horror!” if we ever get them confused. Currently living in NY working with codes, and is primarily responsible for nothing because she literally just can’t even. Or some other such cray nonsense.

Bestamama and Pa: my parents. These names were bestowed upon them by a majority vote when they found out I was pregnant with nooshkin. They are trying desperately to change these names to something more “traditional”, but I say *feh*.

Savta and Papi Jo: my in-laws. They chose their names by themselves with no majority vote whatsoever. We have been trying to turn them to our ways, but have been met with much resistance.

There are also extended family members, mostly cousins of varying degrees, who make occasional appearances and generally come bearing food and/or drinks. Primarily responsible for raising the level of insanity at each family gathering.

Assorted neighborhood kids, ranging in age from 6 months to 6 years: local children that the nooshkin has taken a shining to. Some are even in school with her.

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