If You’ve Got It, Flaunt It

In a direct continuation of my last post, I realized today that my CV wasn’t necessarily completely – um, how do you say – complete.
Although that definitely explains why I hadn’t heard back from anyone. *sigh*

Applying for jobs, and the requisite “Tell me a little about yourself” part of the interview has never been something that I enjoy. While I am really comfortable singing my own praises to psych myself up for whatever, putting them on paper and then singing in front of other people (who may or may not want to pay me for said praises) still leaves me with a strange taste in my mouth.

I’m fully aware that it’s a necessary evil in the working world – confidence and self-assuredness are very important skills that practically every job position requires, even if they’re not expressed on the posting. I have done enough public displays of crazy that I know I can handle most anything that comes my way – baring jobs that I’m just not physically capable of doing. Like, defensive tight end.

This guy, I ain't.

This guy, I ain’t.

I really can’t put my finger on why, or the basic core reasoning for this feeling. I just know that I hate it. And I always have.
Although, “hate” may be too strong a word. Perhaps “strongly dislike” is better. Yeah – I strongly dislike the job application process. I do it, and I do interviews; dare I say I do interviews really well. I may not necessarily end up with the job, but it’s usually because I don’t have additional skills or the time to devote to the job. You know, information that wasn’t included in the initial posting, but should have been.

But I do it. Even though it’s not fun. Because I have to, and because I’m an adult.

It just makes me feel like a monkey. Especially when I’m asked to prove that I can perform the skills that are on my CV. Like, they don’t believe it and they need to test me.

Worse than this though, is not hearing back from anyone at all. Thus begins a never-ending cycle of “did they even get my email?/did they bother to read my email?/is my email floating helplessly through dead cyberspace?/should i send another email? (maybe this time with a better CV)/never mind i’m just gonna eat whiskey-flavored ice cream”

Seriously, why has nobody invented that yet?

Anyway – I have done this enough times to know that I am comfortable with my knowledge and know-how and street smarts and book smarts. I have mad skillz and I can use/utilize them anywhere and anytime.

I am awesome, an expert, a pro, a professional.

I’ve got it and I will flaunt it. Whatever *it* is.

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