The Second Play Date

The nooshkin has, naturally, been asking for more and more play dates since the first one.

I, naturally, have been trying to postpone the next one until her tenth birthday.

Usually she corners me as I pick her up at the end of the day. There are always a few other kids waiting for their parents, and therefore her choice du jour changes each day.
Naturally, exhaustion (hers and mine) convinces her to come home with me. That and promises of yummy food and/or a play date with the neighbor across the hall.

This time….she caught me off guard. Because this time, the choice du jour‘s mother was there. And she didn’t mind.
And just like that, the nooshkin was on a completely expected, totally impromptu, very last-minute play date.

I walked with them to their house and went up for a few minutes at the nooshkin’s request. She practically threw me out a few minutes later, having been fully introduced to her friend’s collection of markers.

As I said goodbye, I exchanged numbers with the second other mother and asked her when I should come back. Her response? “Oh, you know – whenever.”

The only thing worse, I discovered, than a play date that doubles in length, is one with, seemingly, no end in sight.

I got back home and was fully expecting a repeat of what had happened the previous play date. But, as luck would have it, about an hour later I got a text message from the mother that read:
Nooshkin is sad, can you come pick her up?

My response: Of course (naturally)

When I arrived, the mother explained that it was bath time and her daughter wanted nooshkin to join her, but since nooshkin didn’t have a change of clothes she couldn’t, and both girls dissolved into hysterical tears. Once the girls calmed down, nooshkin said thank you (so did I), and we promised that next time her friend could come to our house.

Nooshkin promptly asked: “Can she take a bath with me?”

My response: “Nope”

P.S. the next morning I received another text message from the mother, basically saying that her daughter loves nooshkin and wants her to come over a play all the time. Yay?

(update: links are working! I’m a genius…)

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