This is what Restlessness is all about

It’s amazing how much stuff you can do when you find yourself not working.

In the last month, in no particular order, I have managed to accomplish the following:

– File for unemployment benefits
– Be denied said benefits (as I left work of my own volition) (which makes sense)
– Be referred by the Employment Office for jobs that I’m not qualified for because they didn’t put the correct information in my file
– Get blamed for said issue
– Point out that I have no idea how to do this, and it’s therefore up to them to help me out (which shut them up pretty good)
– Fail my written driving test twice
– Pass my written driving test
– Hand off the paperwork for the actual driving test
– Clean the apartment like nobody’s business
– Donate a pile of clothing and household goods that we didn’t even know we had
– Help my sister look for a wedding dress
– Find said wedding dress
– Buy my sister things that she will need for married life
– Look for a bridesmaid dress for myself
– Fail miserably at finding one
– Lose about 3 kilo
– Get strep throat twice
– Mourn the loss of my hard drive
– Celebrate the resurrection of said hard drive (and buy a new one)
– Bake cookies for a friend who had a baby
– Make dinner for another friend who had a baby
– Start an extremely halfhearted attempt at job hunting
– Start an even more halfhearted attempt at finding another apartment
– Teach myself Spanish (there’s an app for that!)

I think I deserve a pat on the back, and some chocolate-peanut butter pie.

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