A very good place to start

This blog has been three years in the making.

When my now three-plus-year-old was born I transformed from a full-time paralegal to a stay-at-home-mom. It was something that I was fiercely determined to do, for myself and for my little nooshkin, for the first year of her life; the hubby was supportive from the get-go and did whatever he could to make sure that we could hang out all day.

And so, after the grandparents had left and things had settled down, I was finally at home with my brand new, fresh out of a dirty diaper, baby girl.

I had no idea what I was doing.

We had a routine, but I was always looking for something else to do. There are only so many times you can go to the same stores and not buy anything before A) the shop owners tell you not to come back, and B) you begin to get restless.
There was a lot of nothing to do. And there was no-one else to do it with.

I began blog-browsing. Favorites included How Sweet It Is, Smitten Kitchen, Eat the Damn Cake, Scary Mommy, and Surviving the World. (notice a theme here?) Bookmarks popped up by the dozen; when there were over 30 food-related ones I thought about starting a cooking blog. Except, that’s what everyone was (and still is) doing. I don’t really like doing what everyone else is doing.
The idea of a blog still interested me, and I spoke about it often with the hubby, but nothing came of it except a gradual progression of my cooking skills.

As the nooshkin grew the restlessness lessened; for her first birthday we looked for daycare options and I made an awesome cake that I had bookmarked for this purpose: http://www.recipegirl.com/2011/11/02/kit-kat-birthday-cake-and-a-recipe-girl-cookbook-deal/

About a month after she entered daycare I was back in the workforce, this time as a customer service representative for an e-commerce company with three unique sites that sold Judaica items, customized jewelry, and engagement rings/wedding bands.

It was fun; I had great coworkers, the work was interesting enough, and the hours worked well with my other full-time job of parenting.
I was no longer restless.

And then, after two years and three months, I decided to quit. While it wasn’t an easy decision, and one that I had agonized over for a few months, it was the right one.

And here we are – four weeks later. I’m in the process of accomplishing things that I had pushed off for two years, and I find myself restless again.
Not bored, but not fully occupied. Waiting for something to happen.

But as one of my friends recently said, “nothing is going to happen unless you get out and do it yourself”

So, buoyed by recent semi-success in posting an op-ed piece on another site, and the hubby’s support, I revisited the idea of my blog.

I’m glad I waited to do this. Good things come to those who wait.

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